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Independent Prescribing Services at Bargoed Pharmacy

Discover the convenience and efficiency of Independent Prescribing for acute conditions at Bargoed Pharmacy.

Our Independent Prescribing Pharmacist is able to prescribe medications directly to our patients, ensuring timely access to essential treatments.

What is Independent Prescribing?

Independent Prescribing is an NHS Wales service. Qualified pharmacists have received additional training to assess patients, diagnose acute conditions, and prescribe appropriate medications.

At Bargoed Pharmacy our Independent Prescribing Pharmacist has undertaken comprehensive training, enabling them to provide care and support for a wide range of acute ailments.

Why choose Independent Prescribing at Bargoed Pharmacy?

Immediate Relief: Access the necessary medications quickly, without waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

Convenient Healthcare: Our pharmacy is conveniently located in Bargoed, next to the Post Office, making it easy for you to seek expert advice and treatment.

Personalised Approach: Our Independent Prescribing Pharmacist will take the time to understand your symptoms and tailor your treatment accordingly.

Comprehensive Services: From diagnosis to prescription and aftercare, we offer complete support for your acute conditions.

Common Acute Conditions We Can Help With

Urinary Tract Infections: After testing a urine sample we can provide antibiotics if necessary

Ear Health: Ear infections and excessive ear wax

Skin Conditions: Seek relief from rashes, eczema, and other skin issues and minor infections

How Does Independent Prescribing Work?

Consultation: Visit our pharmacy or call to book an appointment and our prescribing pharmacist who will discuss your symptoms and medical history in our private consultation room.

Assessment: Our pharmacist will assess your condition and make an accurate diagnosis (or will refer back to GP or other medical professional if required)

Prescription: If necessary, our pharmacist will provide a prescription suitable for your needs.

Aftercare: If deemed necessary our Pharmacist will ask you to return for a follow up appointment to ensure your symptoms have fully cleared.

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